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The research behind the news

We are Environmental Bitácora a communication medium specialized in exposing environmental problems to provide  truthful information that does not exist in traditional media 

Our notes, interviews and specials unite socio-environmental research with investigative journalism.


How was Bitácora born?

 Log History


In 2018 the idea of capturing the news that arises from the interaction of human beings with nature in a profound way was born. In 2019, during a trip to the Galapagos Islands, the name of Environmental Bitácora was born. A Logbook is the record of the ships that cross the seas and records the news of the trip. Join us!

Bitácora Ambiental Galápagos


we seek

  1. Bring information from science and activism to the general public

  2. Present the sustainable and unsustainable relationships between humans and nature

  3. Make visible the impact of public and private environmental policy.

Franklin Vega

I return to the profession of journalist, which  I began in 1998 at El Comercio, and then as a correspondent for Aljazeera, Brazilian media, among others, until 2006, which gave me the opportunity to feel the reality of South America.


From 2007 to 2010 I worked in an oil company, from 2011 to 2013 I carried out several field investigations in the Amazon and from 2013 until now I continue to work in the northern and southern Amazon of Ecuador.


What we will publish from now on are the facts that we can contrast in Ecuador and the world with a focus on environmental communication.

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